Hi, I'm Arabella!

Arabella Parker

The adventures of the flying girl from Primrose Primary School

I’m Arabella Parker

She can fly!!!Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website. The first girl at Primrose Primary School to have one.

My friends like Lucy Davenport were a bit jealous at first, but they do know I’m a little different, so they’re cool with it now!

It seems I’ve got what my Great Aunt Agatha calls a ‘special ability’. Like Peter Pan and Mary Poppins, I can fly. Yes, FLY!

You might think it a bit unusual to want to save your school from being knocked down, but that’s what I did – along with other girls and boys and my Aunt Agatha, who I love to bits.

Some very wicked people wanted to build a mega store there and make lots of money for themselves. So me and the rest of the children from Primrose Primary like, soon put a stop to that! You can read all about it and my special flying abilities, you know, by going to Amazon and checking out my very first book.

It’s called: Arabella Parker and the Primrose School Revolt.

Since then I’ve had more adventures. In fact, my second book scared me a little when I read it back, because I’d forgotten just how dangerous things got. There were criminals and dogs and a fire, and everything. That book is Arabella Parker and the Chinese Snakehead Gangsters.

Then, in my third book, I went to Africa. But, although I had a great time and saw some amazing things, I also got into another big adventure, and probably my most frightening of all. I discovered how terrible people were killing rhinos for their horns, and how this poaching was virtually making rhinos extinct! Please read Arabella Parker and the Rhino Horn Poachers and for every book you buy, £1 is donated to the Tusk charitable trust.

Save Our School!